Find Out About Gambling Issues

Gambling is and should only be seen as a form of entertainment! If you are facing gambling problems, the good news is that they can be resolved. You just have to seek specialized help.

Gambling problem

If for most people gambling is just a fun activity, with no negative consequences, for a certain category of people, when it is no longer understood as fun, it starts to become a problem, setting up the so-called “addiction” of gambling or pathological gambling (Ludomania).

Problem gambling occurs when the player starts allocating more and more money to this activity and spending more and more time in the gambling hall. Thus, what was initially considered a pleasant way to spend time is becoming an obsessive activity that captures all thoughts, to the detriment of real-life concerns (family, job etc.).

It is characterized by an inability to resist the temptation to gamble large sums of money. The vast majority of people who are passionate about gambling seem to seek in this practice the adventure and excitement they encounter when they pursue to earn more and more money. In addition, in an attempt to recover the lost stake and money, the individual may be stuck in a continuous race, playing higher and higher numbers, to cancel those losses.

Gambling problems can be solved! These appear against the background of unresolved issues. Once the source of the unresolved issues has been identified, all you need to do is seek specialized help.

Advice for gamblers:

• Never play / bet more than the amount you originally intended;

• Regardless of winnings or losses, do not hesitate and stop playing / betting the amount originally proposed;

• Never play games of chance / bet if the financial situation does not allow it;

• Never play games of chance / bet if you have to borrow due to games / bets, or with borrowed money;

• Never gamble / bet the money you originally intended to spend on something else (rent, repairs, etc.);

• Never use games / bets to deal with unpleasant feelings;

• Never use games / bets to combat stress;

• Set limits on the time you spend gambling / betting;

• Never gamble / bet if you have to neglect or abandon social and / or professional activities;

• If your gambling frequency increases, take a break from this activity.


Gambling is a fun way to spend your free time;

Players without any gambling problems enjoy this form of activity for a limited time and do not suffer large losses of money.

Problem gambling occurs when the player begins to spend more and more money on this activity and spends more and more time in the gambling hall, consuming increased energy in performing this activity.

What was initially considered a pleasant way to spend time with friends is beginning to become an obsessive activity that takes over all his thoughts and dreams, to the detriment of real-life concerns (family, job etc.).


A player may face a problem when, in addition to the money spent, this activity interferes with his or her work or other activities, causes negative emotional states, causes significant financial loss, and affects relationships with family members and others.


Regardless of the gambling stage a player is in, there is a chance that he will regain control of his own life and start over if his family is with him and supports him unconditionally and, first of all, if the player himself realizes the situation he is in and makes efforts to change his behavior.


The player is the only one who can decide to give up the gambling activity; he must understand that he is not dependent on the gambling activity itself, but especially on the fact that during this activity he feels that he has got rid of all the problems he faces in real life, but not being involved in solving the problems or denying them will not lead to solving the situation as a whole, but to its worsening.


It is important to note that gambling should only be seen as a form of entertainment.
Problem gambling arises against the background of an unresolved issue. It is important to find out its source, which caused the player’s behavior. That’s why specialized help from a psychologist is needed.