About Us

„Joc Responsabil” Association is the benchmark of the Romanian gambling industry and the pillar of responsibility towards players. In 2018, after six years of experience gained at a National level, the „Joc Responsabil” program acquired legal personality, becoming the expression of the maturation of the gambling industry. Supported by its founding members Romslot, Romanian Bookmakers and Rombet, as well as other market advocates, „Joc Responsabil” Association develops and implements programs to educate and prevent gambling addiction as well as psychological counseling for people who have exceeded the recreational limit of gambling.

What is our main goal?

Any legally established legal entity carrying out activities in the fields of interest of the Association or in the field of gambling can be an associate member, a supporting member or an observer member of the Association; furthermore, through its representatives, it undertakes to respect the Articles of the Association and the Statute of the Association, as well as any regulations of the Association, decisions of the General Assembly or of the Board of Directors, or of the persons empowered by them to represent the Association.

To become a member, you need to follow these steps:

• Fill in and send us a membership application.
• The request will be considered by the Board of Directors and will be put to vote in the General Assembly of Members.
• As a member, you must pay a monthly fee to support the actions of the Association.

Stimulate the culture of preventing pathological gambling behavior

Promote the balance of gambling through awareness campaigns and actions

Develop the „Joc Responsabil” program and other social responsibility programs

Assist people with gambling addiction

Provide assessment and therapy sessions for gamblers and their families, with psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists

Provide trainings, courses, workshops for psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists, with the help of which the therapeutic assistance of the gamglers is ensured.

Currently, the „Joc Responsabil” Association has five psychological counseling offices, in Bucharest (2), Craiova (1), Constanța (1), Iași (1).

Our Mission

„Joc Responsabil” Association aims to develop and implement specific programs on the effects of gambling and how our society interacts with them. Thus, it initiates and participates in various activities meant to prevent gambling addiction and to increase the interest of the population for the „Joc Responsabil” program.

Our Goals

In order to fulfill its mission, the „Joc Responsabil” Association has established four major action goals, structured along the following strategic lines:

Prevention. Initiate and participate in actions designed to prevent gambling addiction.

Awareness. To initiate, promote and organize activities aimed to increase the interest of the population – by age segments and socio-professional categories, on responsible gambling behavior.

Strengthening the trust of different segments of the public in the activity carried out by the members of the Association.

Establish and develop a trustworthy relation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, internal and external, to promote the Association and its programs and to exchange experience in the field.


Similar to other examples of organizations from countries with more experience in the field of responsible gambling, in Romania, the „Joc Responsabil” Association is designed as an association financially supported by the Romanian gambling industry.

Thus, through the projects it carries out, the „Joc Responsabil” Association closes the circle: from education and prevention (through the „Antrenat de Majorat” program developed in high school), to psychological counseling within the „Joc Responsabil” program at one of the 6 existing offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Constanța and Craiova.

„Joc Responsabil” Program, „Antrenat de Majorat” program, and 24/7 Counseling, an integrated online counseling service (livechat and audio chat) for players with potential gambling problems, are the main programs developed by the Association.

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How the „Joc Responsabil” Association works

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