The only psychological live-chat counseling service available in Romania

24/7 Counseling is the first online psychological counseling service in Romania for players with (potential) gambling problems, who feel the need for real-time guidance during the games.

The websites of the „Joc Responsabil” Association members will have an online chat module which, once accessed by the player, will be directed to one of the psychologists of the „Joc Responsabil” Association. Live Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Behind the Live Chat are psychologists specializing in gambling and emergency intervention.


To increase the self-control capacity of problematic / addictive players by implementing a technical solution for online psychological counseling in real time.

The project was launched in the context in which good international organizational practices in the field of gambling promote online counseling in problematic situations of players through at least 4 tools:

• Live chat – real-time one-on-one online counseling
• Chat room – counseling and aid in a defined time
(on certain days and time intervals, usually) and e-mail
• Video / audio call