„Joc Responsabil” program

How we started?

„Joc Responsabil” is the only program dedicated to people who face gambling addiction and it offers a great help to them. It aims to prevent, identify and assist gambling players and proposes an effective intervention program, not only for people facing this phenomenon, but also for their families.

Equally, in addition to the support provided to those facing problems, „Joc Responsabil” also involves awareness-raising and training activities carried out at the level of betting agencies and gambling halls.


The latest news regarding the concrete help offered by the „Joc Responsabil” program consists in the fact that, in addition to the dedicated website, the toll-free number, 0800.800.099, in this moment the number of psychotherapy offices has reached six open offices in Bucharest (2), Cluj-Napoca (1), Iasi (1), Craiova (1) and Constanța (1) and that, simultaneously, the number of free psychological counseling sessions has been increased to five. The number of counseling sessions will be gradually expanded as the program develops.

707 people benefited, in 2020, live (352) or by videoconference (355, + 114% compared to 2019), from five free evaluation and therapy sessions offered at the six offices in Bucharest (2), Iași, Cluj-Napoca , Craiova and Constanța. The peak was reached in April and May 2020, when 77 people, respectively 63 people requested the help of psychologists from the „Joc Responsabil” program. Most of the beneficiaries are men (614) aged between 25-45 years. In addition to the five psychological counseling sessions, the „Joc Responsabil” program also provides a toll-free number, 0800.800.099, to contact a psychologist and to schedule counseling sessions or request information; 1995 people, with 385 more than in 2019.



A toll-free number, 0800.800.099, through which players have the opportunity to contact a psychologist and receive free telephone counseling.


Online self-testing through the dedicated website jocresponsabil.ro.
Information materials in gambling halls.


Training courses with employees in the gambling halls supported by psychologists involved in the program.


Free evaluation and counseling sessions at one of the program offices. Following the telephone conversations, those interested may request to be redirected to the nearest psychologists from Bucharest, Craiova, Constanța Iași or Cluj-Napoca.

„Joc Responsabil” has a team of the best psychologists in Romania in dealing with these problems, including Dr. Psychologist and Psychotherapist Leliana Valentina Pârvulescu, Dr. Psychologist Assoc. Steliana Rizeanu and psychologists and psychotherapists Vladimir Ungureanu (Cluj-Napoca), Ilona Neagu (Iasi), Sorina Florescu (Constanța) and Carmen Mikulovic (Craiova).

Along with the team of specialists of the „Joc Responsabil” program, the renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr. Cristian Andrei is a consultant.

The „Joc Responsabil” program was initiated and is carried out by ROMSLOT – The Association of Slot Organizers in Romania, ROMANIAN BOOKMAKERS – The Board of Romanian Betting Organizers and ROMBET – The Association of Gambling Organizers.