Gambling must remain a fun way to spend your free time.

If you feel that you may not be able to control the time and financial resources allocated to this activity, we recommend that you submit a request for temporary or permanent self-exclusion to the companies that organize these activities, informing them about the risk of developing addiction.

According to art. 132 para. (1) of the Methodological Rules for the implementation of the Emergency Decree (OUG) 77/2009, the requests for self-exclusion (temporary or permanent) are submitted to the gambling organizer on the platform of which the player has opened a game account, and the former has the obligation to implement them immediately.


The detailed description of the temporary or permanent self-exclusion procedure from the gambling platform can be found in the Terms and Conditions established by the organizer of remote gambling, in accordance with art. 140 paragraph (1) of the Methodological Norms for the implementation of the Emergency Decree (OUG) 77/2009 on the organization and operation of gambling: ”The conduct of the remote gambling activity between the organizer and the participant is carried out in accordance with the Terms and Conditions established by the organizer and the game regulations, which must MUST provide the following information:… description of temporary or permanent self-exclusion procedures … ”. 

In order to self-exclude, as a rule, the player must:

– access the appropriate section of his account;
– or contact the Gambling Organizer’s Customer Relations Department.

If you feel that you need additional information on how to register your application, we recommend that you contact the company that operates the gambling platform, using the contact details available on the website. „Joc Responsabil” Association does not have access to the gambling organizers’ databases, cannot make a request on your behalf, and therefore it will not be able to request that organizers restrict your access to online gambling platforms or on-premises gambling websites that are carrying out these activities. 

Therefore, we recommend that you address your request directly to the gambling organizers, as the „Joc Responsabil” Association does not have the means and competence to resolve such requests. 

„Joc Responsabil” Association